Hello one and all!

A very big happy and joyous welcome into the early parts of 2018 to all of my followers and fellow bloggers. I hope that 2018 will be a most empowering and joyous time for us all!


January is a great time of resolutions and promises, new habits being formed and old ones dropped away as we all set our paths and point ourselves in the directions of our faith, intentions and big life plans, whatever they may be.

I dropped in today just as a reminder, to say find your harmony and above all else, listen to your heart and soul for it knows all that you REALLY desire! It is only awaiting the moment when you stop still long enough to hear its voice and realise your greatness is calling you. ❤

I’ve been AWOL from our wonderful blog world since just before Christmas, which I hadn’t expected as I always continue to blog even during the trials.

Aside from the usual rat-race which has become the holiday season for most of us, I was also dealt an unusual hand of a final opportunity of 2017 to surrender to the power of becoming my soul role as a Healer and energy worker. On New Year’s eve I was served up a final dose of inner disharmony, which showed up as a disarming sickness so that I could finally accept all that I have inside of me: My greatness is calling me and it’s not taking no from me any longer. 😉

(More to follow on that in later posts)

Today was a swingby post, and so I wish you all of the love and success in whatever you are creating in your year ahead.



❤ ❤ ❤ BIG love and hugs beaming out to you all. ❤ ❤ ❤

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Fancy doing it differently in 2018?

I don’t know about you, but in the past I’ve been one of those people who always set resolutions at the stroke of midnight as the New Year begins.

What’s wrong with that, you may ask?


Except that often when we make these goals or resolutions to change it all and to become a super-duper gym busting, self-loving, angelic version of our ‘true’ self in record time (as many people do), it’s truly unrealistic.


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Like most people we start off well, then find ourselves wavering with the commitment and enthusiasm as life and busy-ness takes us elsewhere. I know this behaviour stuff, because I used to do it too, until I learned another way.

I was setting myself up to fail time after time. My commitment lasted all of about 3 weeks with being good to my word, then I’d get disheartened and keep returning to the same habits and behaviours which got me to needing to set resolutions in the first place.

That is until I decided to do it differently:

It is amazing how empowering this process is!

The act of leaving myself little love notes of encouragement, celebration and achievement was so very powerful that at the end of the year as I was contemplating the next year beginning, reading over my notes I saw just how awesome and full my life really was.

As a result, what actually happened the following year was that this naturally trickled out into my life and I started to make the choices which would serve me anyway and instead of having to have it as a resolution to follow, it became my normal behaviour.

A much simpler and kinder process than the previous route I was taking, that’s for sure.

What works for you?


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What says “Christmas” to you?


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During the festivities of turkey, tinsel, presents and all of the trimmings, what is it which makes Christmas feel like Christmas to you?

Are you a “Yayyyyyyy it’s Christmas!!!!” kind of person, or does it bring you out in a cold sweat with a mountain of to-do lists, at the top of which is to “try to be happy and get through it” kind of mentality?

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Me, I love it!

Not in a ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday kind of way‘ but I do love seeing all of the decorations in the house, taking time to select gifts for everybody, feeling the joy and merriment, creating a lovely dinner and hopefully spending it with those I love.

Now don’t get me wrong we are far from sugar and spice and all that’s nice in my family!


We certainly have our fair share of bah-humbug relatives who do their damndest to moan all of the way through it. They bicker and argue because they can and generally make it as difficult as possible in the run-up refusing to help get things ready etc, all of which I used to let really get to me, not any more.

And still, I love to spread love so why not spread a little cheesy Christmas-love my way at Christmas time!

This is why I have certain things which just scream “now it’s christmas” for me, certain movies and habits I look forward to every year. Though things have changed a little for me these last few years and the list of my old traditions has altered a little, yet there are still a handful of things I will still do.

My “now it’s Christmas” must-haves are:

1. Watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”, the black and white version, of course.


2. Wrapping my presents in the run-up to Christmas day with the Christmas lights on, watching more cheesy Christmas feel-good movies.

3. Watching Santa Claus the movie, it screams childhood memories for me.


4. Spending Boxing Day at home, chilling out in my PJs, eating leftovers reheated in some yummy way and enjoying the festive glow of the Christmas tree lights, as I have a me-day. 😉

Is there anything you wish that you could change about your Christmas, plans, traditions, any things you feel compelled to do yet have grown to dislike?

As the clock ticks by in the final days before the big day, what’s on your list this weekend?


What makes Christmas, scream “now it’s Christmas” for you?



Sending love to all,

wishing all of my followers

and fellow bloggers a joyful, fun

and loving Christmas time. ❤



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Moon Phases and their meanings for your life

A great little blog exploring all about the power of working with the moon’s cycles. I love working with the different phases to set intentions in my life.

It really has changed things in my life, less struggling and having to “push” to make things happen. I’m somebody who’s hypersensitive to feeling the changes of the Lunar cycles, so understanding this and how to work with it has been a massive boost to me and my life. 🙂

How about you, are any of you affected by the phases of the Moon?

Have you tried using the power of the Moon’s cycle to enhance your creativity and manifesting power?

Planet Simon

I never knew this, but the moon’s phases actually have meaning for us on Earth looking up and thinking ‘how pretty’.

I found this on Pinterest and I had to share it! Let me know what you think!

Credit to Labyrinthos – go and look them up!

Simon ☺️

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Ways to Honour Your Body, Mind, and Soul in the Winter Months

Having seen how my week could quickly turn and I was forced to rest easy, it’s so great to find this wonderful reminder of the importance of chilling out in between being busy, as so many of us are these days.

In the run up to Christmas I thought it’d be a great chance for us all to have this reminder. 🙂

Shawn Engel

For many of us, it’s hard to slow down when it gets cold. But going against nature and what our body needs causes us unnecessary stress (and sometimes even depression.) Use any of these quick tips to honor hibernation season and preserve your strength to kick ass for the long run, instead of burning out entirely.

  • Know what your body is asking for: Listen, I totally understand that you’ve made a pact with yourself to get up at 5am and work out, but what do you do when you know you’re getting sick? Do you push through it anyways, only to find that you’re sicker for longer after that CrossFit class? Sometimes staying in bed isn’t worth feeling guilty over, and will preserve your health for longer lasting results.
  • Obligations don’t exist: Holiday parties are fun, sure, but they can fill your social calendar to the point of literal anxiety…

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Celebrating you!

The Winter months and the run-up to Christmas whilst enchanting with frosty fields, glistening rooftops and that warm-cold red-nosed chilly feeling which happens when we wrap up in the cold here in the UK, are often a time of struggle for some.

After a week of listening and watching some of my nearest and dearest and community friends tread the ups and downs of their own roller-coasters, I wanted to drop by today to remind us all just how FRICKIN’ AWESOME we are.


Every day, in our own unique way, we are all doing wonderfully despite how it may look or feel. 

I know it’s so easy to lose sight of how great we really are (as I was reminded this week) and so I wanted to remind you all just how loved, uniquely wonderful and special you really are, just by being you!


❤ With love and blessings to all. ❤


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Grace in action

It’s always amusing to me to look back on my week when sitting down to blog for the week ahead, because whether I realise it at the time or not, invariably the things I like in other’s blogs or those which I blog about the week before, end up being my tests or opportunities to step up and be the example of in the weeks which follow.

Grace and synchronicity in action. ❤ xx



Last week I reblogged SpiritualJourney17’s great quote from Mother Theresa. In the quote (which can be found here), there were 2 lines which jumped out at me and would later become my gift to my friend too:

… People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway. ….


… If you do them good today, they may forget tomorrow.
Do good anyway. …

I ended up being the example of greatness in illustrating this with a friend last week.

He’d received exceptionally poor treatment from the same landlord as I myself left behind back in October, and he too was moving as a direct result of their in-action and blatant disrespect.

When I’d moved, he joked at my expense at how thorough I’d been and determined to leave behind an immaculate flat, leaving it with a sense of excellence for the next person in spite of the treatment I’d received.

He just didn’t get it, why would I care so much when they didn’t care about me?

“It’s not about them”, I’d said.

He’d looked extremely befuddled at this. Though neither of us knew it at the time, he was to later learn the little nugget of wisdom which drives this behaviour too and I was to be a part of it.

Believe me I never used to behave in this way either, vengeance was definitely my former go-to mode when I’d been wronged…or at least when my ego was rah-rahhhing that I’d been wronged. (Not always the same thing!) The old-me, she was all about fighting injustice as I am still, yet previously it was mistakenly in the form of vengeance, until I was thankfully shown a new way to be.

My friend may not have understood it at first, yet only 48-hours later he would see in himself a complete turnaround on this situation as a direct result. By Friday last week, he was thanking me for being willing to show up for him and persisting to show him a different way, even during his MANY protests at the time about it being unreasonable and unfair on him, because of their treatment of him, etc.

By the end of it he’d found a way to redeem himself and his good nature, without feeling hard done by too. He’d felt what it was to have the experience of putting in the action to honour himself and leave behind excellence despite the scenario.

All because he was willing to trust, I’d shown up for him and by him living the experience, it had changed his thinking, his actions and his beliefs around being mistreated by others.

He understood the power of forgiveness and the sense of accomplishment he could create in being willing to let the other stuff go. It was never about them despite how it looked, it was only ever about him and how he behaved.

It often just takes a little willingness to begin with, and then you take it from there.

Love in the form of kindness, forgiveness and living excellence is so very powerful. ❤


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