One Size Does Not Fit All!

Dearest Kelly what joy, another wonderful new day, a great day to be all of you beautiful! ❀

I love the way you feel so intently and I love and adore that you are extremely sensitive to yours and other’s needs. Your hyper-senses and over-thinking which ensure that you do all that you want to, are a joy to behold – they’re a great part of you and your gift in this World! (Never forget that please!!!)

I love that family and friends are extremely important to you – a place in your heart, is a place in the bosom of your protective Lioness mothering instinct and you will go to the ends of the earth and back for your own love and those you love too.

I admire how you are willing to journey with your own Dark-Lord into your underworld and are unwilling to return, until you’ve achieved the holy grail on this Love quest you agreed to (whatever that may be on that day).  I love that you are equally deep and shallow, have a unique sparkle in your eye and a joyful knowing look that puzzles many (ha ha ha), you’ve a great tongue-in-cheek sense of humour, a childlike playfulness and you are known to be the ‘smiley hug-lady’.

I am keen to remind you today, that you make a great difference in the World just by showing up and being you (whether you always realise it or not), also that you are a beautiful woman and often don’t realise the effect that being you has on others too. I love that you are equally up for an adventure and also a keen homely chick too, happy at most when you’re cooking up a love-storm of yumminess in the kitchen. I love how every part of your life right now, every spare penny you have is spent with honouring yourself and with your health in mind, as it would be so easy to fall back into old habits, especially when you feel so drained and weary.

I know that today you feel wobbly and your confusion, physical aches, dizziness etc make you feel like one person went to bed and another woke up instead this morning. It hurts really bad this morning I know and I’m sorry, I promise you it will pass by this afternoon as it always does get better then! So today whatever this day brings, I want you to remember your all, to show up with your heart full, however that appears in any given moment. Even if that means that today you must stay in and your ‘all’ only manages to be a kind word for someone, a listening ear or a hug for a friend, because that matters most too. Every little step helps and I know you prefer the leaps ;-), but today little one, please remember the tiny steps are the ones that are making the most impact.

With gratitude to you Kelly,

Your best friend and biggest fan. (Me) ❀

P.S. I Love all of you – yes even your Jekyll/Hyde morning-to-afternoon switch routine. πŸ™‚

Okay so this may sound weird to many, to write myself a love letter or have this type of conversation with myself when needed. – So let me explain how it works for me. (Especially the P.S., I promise it’ll make sense by the end.)

Every day when I wake up, regardless of the hour or whether I go back to sleep again, the first and only thought I allow through my mind, even before I swing my legs out of bed when I do get up, is one of gratitude.

Why??? – because it works: changing my very first thought is often enough to change my next step or thought pattern which sets my day up differently.

This I have tried and tested over the years and a simple “thank you for another beautiful day” or anything as elaborate as you please, is all that’s required to start the day a different way.


Have you ever read one of those self-help books, how-to manuals or been on a spiritual/transformation workshop which teach that if you just do A-B-C…then you’ll surely end up with X-Y-Z…Is it really that simple?

Not always(!) and here’s why:

one-size-doesnt-fit-allImage Source

The steps, affirmations, coaching tips, whatever it may be are all valid (they can and will work), except that sometimes there are circumstances in our lives which dictate that we must do things differently.

Just as you have to make your life work for you, so you have to design your supportive steps to make them work for you too.

And no this does not give you a free pass to LAZYVILLE!!! 

Sorry to burst your comfort bubble folks. πŸ˜‰


You still have to take the steps to see the change, it’s just that it must be doable with your schedule, life demands, family commitments, health or ill-health circumstances etc, to support you to keep doing it. What I know is that you have to work with you and your toolbox of tricks, not against yourself.

(Other people with sickness will get this for sure, which is how my day showed up to teach me this again, to be able to blog it on here today!)

The most extraordinary folks are those who are in fact ordinary, yet choose every day to take extraordinary steps of boldness in their own unique way. (A great Lisa Nichols inspired nugget.)

Lets have a look-see at what I’m getting at here:

For example – Getting up early and either working out or doing some other form of creative task towards your dream, within the first hour of waking… (sounds reasonable)

I used to do this as many still do, yet here’s the customise part, as I saw it only too well today and many other days before:

Until after approximately 3pm today the most that I could manage was to get up, move around taking care of drinks, taking supplements etc. Even showering at lunch-time I nearly passed out, notable head rush and body-drop-whoosh-feeling, which I managed to breathe through. The exertion on my body of being upright and the energy of washing my hair, meant I just had nothing left.

I still wanted to blog even though words were just mush, my brain was on go-slow-mode too and produced only ramblings of blahhhhhh for quite some time. My home needed cleaning, my long hair gets everywhere on the wooden floor and it was driving me crazy today! Plus I have my dream to-do list too, which I’m working on one step at a time and yet what I’m most thankful for is realising that ONE SIZE MOST DEFINITELY DOES NOT FIT ALL

I had to do it differently for me today, if I was to have any sense of peace, loving acceptance and make progress with anything.


patience-is-the-calm-acceptance-that-things-may-happen-in-5145170Image Source

The most important step I managed today was to check in with myself.

I’d awoken feeling like a completely different person to the one that went to bed the night before and to the one I feel as I write this, yet I know it’s all a part of my life routine just now. The Jekyll and Hyde transformation happens every day with the zapping extent of the symptoms, some days less so and others more-so: It is by late afternoon as many of the symptoms begin to subside, that my day can then begin again. I can then make it work for me, lovingly with me rather than against me and getting nowhere. ❀

The letter above was actually a conversation I’d had with myself this morning, to be my own cheerleader to support myself to get through it as gently as possible. I support others to do the same, so why would I not have the conversations with myself in the same way? Today I did and I made it fit me!

Some days we all just need reminding to be flexible with our way, working with it and not against it. πŸ™‚

Whatever your day’s been like, I hope that this reminds you that not only does ‘one-size-fits-all‘ not work with clothes (who thought that ridiculousness up?), it definitely doesn’t work in life either.


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Dancing the dance of passion and love for life, with all that my heart and soul desires.
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