A Touchy Subject: Textures (WPC)

Oh I love this, I’m such a big hugger too!

Trees, people, teddy bears, soft squishy cushions, wrapping myself up when I’m wearing a cuddly cardigan or soft dressing gown, it doesn’t matter, I’m all about the tactile sense of loving touch. ❤

Out an' About

I’m a tree hugger, I’ll admit it. Actually I’m a hugger full stop. My sister always labeled me sensitive and touchy as a child. I guess it stuck.

I know I’ve posted a photo of this Ghost Gum before but this huge fella had the most amazing trunk I’ve ever seen. It felt so alive.

How could I not hug it?

Then there were these Ironbark beauties in this forest in 1770, all rough around the edges yet holding a kind of fragility.

There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself into the environment. That’s when all our senses came alive.

And that’s what made the outback come alive for me.

A salt lake floor, so ethereal and pristine. Rocks that we walked on, through dry river beds, jagged and hard on our boots.

So many different textures, so much spellbinding beauty.

Then there were the big skies.

Skies with textures and…

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