Life and Stuff

Hi all, one thing I know is that I am certainly different and very ‘unique’. For one, I love big time! 🙂

I’ve always felt great love in me, the kind of childlike playful love that just accepts people as they are. I have this gift to see in others what many do not, or cannot see (yet), I see and feel their soul and I love that about myself. Even though it’s a tough gift to feel and have at times too.

Some say I’m naive, maybe I am, as I’ve gotten myself into some “interesting” situations over the years, especially defending myself and others from injustice. Injustice: ooh that’s another bugbear of mine!

See I’ve always been the one who questions everything, especially when I’m told not to question it as that’s just the way it is…My response: “Oh really”. 😉

I am the loving protective Lioness who’ll speak out if I feel an injustice, even though I hate the attention it brings as shyness is in me too. I am the one who’s fiercely loyal to those I love and willing to stand up and say what others won’t, especially for those who need reminding of their own greatness and love.

A few years ago a darkness overcame me and my light went out inside: My life went to hell in a handbasket and in no time at all, I hit knuckle-scraping rock bottom. Actually this was lower than any low I’d ever known, I was being called to “wake the hell up!”

To what though???

It took a while to figure this out, with a lot of tears, and with what felt like one very long diversion-route to recover from. My heart and soul had a dream of a different life for me, the reason I’m really here: my life purpose called and I had to work out whether to ANSWER it or NOT?

I had to decide if I really did want it all. Was I willing to trust, to take the shaky steps and to do the push-ups, even though it looked bleak OR was I going to stay small and let my fire go out? Was I able and willing to dig deep, put my big-girl pants on and ride it out?

I said “YES” and chose LIFE, I’ve never looked back. No it’s not been easy, taking a good hard look at ourselves, stripping back the layers, never is! I’m slowly getting brave again and daring to uncover the ‘real’ me, daring to bring it and then some.

I love to laugh, have a very risqué sense of humour. I’m known for saying and thinking differently to pretty much everybody I know AND that’s great, because that’s my superpower! ❤

I’m daring to dream, not just the little achievements but the big ‘miracle’ dreams too of travelling the World, being a successful innovative coach and speaker, having my family too, plus other dreams as they come and I intend to live them all at some point…Nothing is beyond possible any more.

I’ve rediscovered the more carefree ‘me’, with my new-found playfulness and zest for life. It’s as if I lived the ‘adult‘ stuff when I was growing up and felt very much old before my time and NOW I get to be crazy-free, FINALLY!!!

I may not change the World today or tomorrow, but I’m finding my voice again and who knows where this will all lead? I may not know the route just now, who does (?) and yet I trust that every ripple I follow and step I take leads me somewhere eventually.

I promise to never hide away again and to do my best to be ‘me’ with this blog.



5 Responses to Life and Stuff

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Reading in depth real life posts like your just speaks on so many levels and is something I find relatable, it helps keep me positive and motivated.

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    • Kelly says:

      Thank you for your kind words and support. ☺ I aim to be real, daring to reveal it all and be seen, no matter how scary it is to tell the truth because that’s the magic that makes a difference. It wasn’t always that way, so I have to keep working on myself daily too. Blessings and love to you.x


  2. very moving to the soul and you are very unique and expressive. peace and i enjoy your writings

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