About Me

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A warm hello to you all, thank you for dropping by and having a little break in my space, reading a blog or two as you do.

My name’s Kelly and I currently live in the UK. I’m here to beam love, to give a voice to my life lessons, humour and musings and if I happen to inspire, motivate or encourage somebody to dare to change, to dance their dance and go for it in life, then great! ❤

I’m dreaming the dream AND going for it, one day and one leap of faith or shaky step at a time.

Life’s not a barrel of roses all of the time for any of us, so I’m doing my best to live for the moment and dare greatly anyway, “just because you can”.

I’m an all-in kind of woman, no half measures: I’ll write to be real (even when it’s icky-sticky to own up to), I’ll write to be truthful, I’ll write from my heart and soul and I’ll write when it feels good to share, not just because I feel I must.

I’m slowly learning to be seen as a blogger and writer, trusting I have value and worth to share and daring to find a place to bring all of me, because we’ve all got something in us which will be of use to somebody else at some point.